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Resumes are ineffective.
People can fake resumes, but they can't fake real skills.
By solving the listed problems, demonstrate your potential employers how good your skills really are.

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Real-time questions

No mainstream algorithmic questions. This journey will take you to another level of use of your skill-set.

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You won't get rejected just because you have no experience. Your skills will show up.

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Apply to startups and SMEs and prove yourself the best candidate in an efficient manner.

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Get updates about your status in shorter time.

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Hire a skilled company-fit person by asking them the problems you are facing.

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Apply to a job & prove yourself by solving the question company is facing.

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Get judged by your real skills!

HireSolve aims to help you land a job easily. No judgment based on your past experiences or certifications. Prove your skills in an efficient manner.

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Forget the tiring job of filtering pile of resumes

Find really deserving candidate. We will make it easy and efficient to find good candidates who are really passionate about your company.

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